The Loving Intentions of a Truly Empathic Psychic

Have you ever been told that you’re sensitive? Do you sometimes feel the same emotions as your friend when you’re around them? If they are maybe feeling happy, do you feel that too? Does being in crowds make you feel anxious? There are some of us who are in-tune to the emotions and feelings of others, on a level that we almost cannot explain, where our intuition and perception let us understand others on a deep, powerful level. These people are referred to as empaths, and are almost psychic in their abilities to know things without others telling them.

What Is An Empath?

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals; they can sense what those around them are feeling and thinking without them telling them so. There are two different ways that people describe an empath; as people who have so much empathy that they take the pain of others at their expense or in more spiritual terms, an empath has psychic abilities to sense the energies and emotions of others.

Empathy Vs Sympathy

To some, empathy and sympathy mean the same thing, but that is incorrect; empathy is not sympathy. It would be best to explain the difference between these two using examples. If your friend is sad, and you take on the symptom of your friend, and become sad too, then you are sympathetic. The problem with sympathy is that you lose the bigger picture of what is happening because you get caught up in relating to your friend’s feelings and cannot look at the situation with clarity anymore.

On the other hand, an empath is first sympathetic, meaning they too relate to whatever someone else is going through; they are aware of the intensity of a particular situation or emotion but do not lose sight of the bigger picture and identify with the emotion and make it their own.

Characteristics of Empaths

Have you ever felt like no one gets you? Does nobody fully understand what you are feeling or going through? It is common to feel that no one gets what you are going through; however, empaths have a special gift of understanding just how bad a situation or a feeling is. Empathy is considered a potent healing force because people share their experiences with others deeply and spiritually. Empaths see things from your point of view but at the same time maintain their perspective, and this makes it easier for them to help you through the emotions and situations you are in. Empaths are good listeners, generous and big-hearted, wonderful friends who show up for others in need. They have very high emotional intelligence and are highly intuitive.

On the other hand, they are usually introverted and require a lot of alone time to recharge. They also find crowds overwhelming and prefer being surrounded by nature.

What Is Physic Work?

Psychic work involves anything that involves sensitivity to anything supernatural. Human beings rely on the five senses; sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing, and the brain to gather and process information. Gathering information in psychic work is not similar to how people usually use the five senses; instead, they use methods beyond the senses, extra-sensory, to gain insight into events and situations that would typically not be obvious to the five senses. These psychic works include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience; seeing without the physical eyes, feeling without the physical body, and hearing without the physical ears, respectively. Another example of using extra-sensory senses would be giving a reading of someone whom you have never seen and have not yet met.

These five physical senses are regarded as expressions of spiritual senses; spiritual senses precede physical senses; safe to say, there are spiritual eyes behind the physical ones, which applies to the other senses. Psychics can look deep into the spiritual senses, gather information, and interpret it. Some call psychic abilities the sixth sense. While everyone can perceive incoming information, a psychic is a person who has mastered the art of perceiving information that most people overlook.

Psychics are spiritual guides; however, they differ from other guides in how they translate the information they receive; they decipher feelings, images, sounds, and words, for their clients in a way that makes sense to them. So, for psychic work, a psychic requires both sensory and extra-sensory organs. Experienced psychics have mastered how to turn their psychic senses on and off. They can quiet their normal senses to connect to a situation and receive information with clarity. Just as we can converse with someone and get information from them, psychics can also hold dialogues with the issue, event, or person on the psychic platform and receive information.

Where Do Physic Powers Come From?

Do you think you have psychic powers? Believe it or not, we are born with psychic senses, but unlike the other senses, psychic powers are not encouraged to grow and are stifled. Therefore, as we grow, we forget about them. People react differently to these psychic powers; some do not understand the bizarre senses they get, others experience them daily, while others give these powers names like gut feeling or intuition, all in all, they mean the same thing, and whether or not we nurture these senses, they are always within us. Some pursue these powers and mostly tap into them when they grow up, and they begin to look into when they have a yearning to connect with a higher being or their spirituality.

Being An Empathic Psychic

It is important to note that most advanced psychics are empathic, but not all empaths are psychic. Many believe advanced empaths are also psychic; however, being empathic and psychic is different. Advanced empaths who are psychic use their empathy and their psychic powers. They use their psychic powers to help solve problems and empathy to connect with others for healing release and deeper understanding.

Interestingly, many who have not tapped their potential psychic experience the same distress those around them face. It is often very easy for empaths to be overwhelmed by pain and emotions; they tend to take others’ problems as their own and find it hard to set boundaries and say no. Motivated empaths learn how to create spiritual and energetic protection for themselves and control and unfold their empathic abilities into psychic abilities.

What Can Psychic Empaths Do?

Psychic abilities in many people take various forms, and some manifest themselves as the ability to be an empath. A psychic empath picks up on non-verbal and non-visual cues that someone has a particular emotion. They detect auras or energy fields despite having no apparent clues. Like other empaths, a psychic empath needs to learn shielding techniques to prevent them from being drained and overwhelmed by other people’s energies. It is important to note that being emotionally sensitive does not make you an empath.

Being an empath and a psychic are both very beneficial; you can relate to and connect with people on a deeper level and provide solutions to your friends or family when they consult you. This is a special gift and if you use it well, you can build strong connections with others and help them along the way. But make sure that you set up healthy boundaries and re-charge your energy when you need it- remember, you must take care and love of yourself before you can do the same for others.

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