A Loving, Encouraging, And Deeply Inspiring Reading With Shri Krishna

Do you want to remember who you truly are? Are you ready to connect with your deepest Self and find peace? Are you seeking answers to questions that feel complicated? You are a profound loving Being, born from love, with unlimited potential in every direction. 

Shri Krishna is a profound mystic and lover of all Beings. He is also the creator of The Shankara Experience, a deeply transformational oracle system. Shri Krishna has given readings to over five thousand people and is committed to your absolute joy.

Your channeled reading with Shri Krishna will provide deep and helpful answers for you, and help you embrace a roadmap for a fulfilling life.

Soon after ordering, you will receive an encouraging and personal five to seven page, written reading directly from Shri Krishna. It will include clear answers, loving-kindness, and great insight into your circumstances. The reading will include an exploration of your emotions and all the nuances that your guides wish to reveal to you. Shri Krishna will speak to the obvious as well as the deep and subtle aspects at play within the substratum of your Being.

Shri Krishna will help you to take brave action in your life. His words will encourage, nourish, and empower you, unveiling the ways in which you can truly heal and transform your Self.

After purchase, you will receive an email asking for a video of you outlining your questions and concerns. Shri Krishna will send your 5-7 page reading within 2-4 days.

Shri Krishna wants you to live an authentic, fulfilling life, drenched in divine love, light, and sound. While creating your reading, he will source guidance from loving Beings throughout the realms, as well as your guides, and his. 

Readings with Shri Krishna are written, as he spends much of his time in a deep state of contemplation, and limits the use of live technology.


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