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Shri Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh (Paul Wagner) is a loving spiritual guide, intuitive coach, clairvoyant, empath, and mystic. He is the creator of The Shankara Oracle and has served thousands of earnest seekers by providing profound answers to their challenges and actionable guidance toward their Self-mastery. He helps spiritually-minded souls connect with their vast, expanded inner Selves to navigate any situation, transcend any circumstance, and liberate in every moment.

Kalesh’s mission is to help others source their boundless creativity and joy, embody virtue, heal the depths of their Beings, find the most resounding clarity, and master their lives. He created the oracle tool “Shankara” as a living, relatable experience to help humanity build inner pathways to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

The Shankara Oracle is a high-vibration divination system (beautiful board, 4 decks of oracle cards, 18 polished, black obsidian, sacred stones & more) built to answer your questions and help you create a joyful and authentic life. Through Shankara, you’ll awaken your divinity, deepen your spiritual journey, and become the conscious creator of your reality.

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Dive Deeply To Know Your Self

You are here on Earth to experience a living metaphor of what is possible. Every person and activity you engage are reflections of what you innately desire and have become. Nothing happens to you or with you unless it reflects something that exists within your core Being.

When you speak with another person, you are speaking with your Self. When you are angry with someone, you are angry with your Self. You cannot avoid the inner journey. You might travel the world, continually keeping your Self busy, but the real work is to look within until you see your Self for who you are.

The Deepening

The Deepening is required to dissolve all illusion and expand into your purest Self. The more you meditate and look within, the more you will dissolve aspects that are untrue and cannot serve you. Go deeper to dissolve contrived Self-identities and to know your Self – then go even deeper. After you exhaust the exploration of the roots of all pain and illusion, you will know that you are nothing and everything all at once. 

The Deepening is a commitment to release all of your attachments and demands in this life and focus solely on diving within your Self in meditation and prayer. This does not mean that you do not fulfill your responsibilities, because you must. It means that everything you choose to do, become, and engage must reflect your commitment to deepen and know your Self.

Temporary Self-Identities

A temporary Self-identity refers to a temporary understanding or perception of one’s own identity. It can be a consciously created construct or a momentary illusion. You can create a Self-identity to satiate a need or help you achieve something. You might also create a Self-identity to delude your Self and avoid something important that is percolating within you.

To build the most durable, sustainable, and genuine Self-identities, it is best to be completely honest with your Self and deeply intentional about who you are choosing to become. What you think and believe will manifest on some level, even if the beliefs and thoughts are toxic and delusional. 

A Simple Prayer

Great Consciousness, Divine Love, God, My Beloved: I am your servant, an embodiment of light and love. Help me to know my Self more truly and deeply. Help me to forgive everything and everyone, including my Self, and become new in each moment. Help me to serve others with kindness. Help me to smile more and be less attached. Help me to honor all the wonderful aspects that have emerged in my life. Use me as an instrument of your peace and love. 

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