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Shri Krishna Kalesh is the creator of The Shankara Experience. He is a loving teacher of spirituality, and a personal guide, clairvoyant, empath, and mystic. He has served thousands of earnest seekers by providing profound answers to their challenges and actionable guidance toward their Self-mastery. He helps spiritually-minded souls connect with their vast, expanded inner Selves to navigate any situation, transcend any circumstance, and liberate in every moment.

Shri Krishna Kalesh’s mission is to help others source their boundless creativity and joy, embody virtue, heal the depths of their Beings, find the most resounding clarity, and master their lives. He created the divine portal Shankara as a living, relatable oracle to help humanity build inner pathways to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

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Live from your pure Self. Remove complications from your life so that you can make clear decisions and operate from a peaceful state of mind and heart.

You are an infinite Being, far more expanded than you realize. Come to know your Self. Let’s divine deeply into your Soul so you may command a beautiful rebirth.

Shri Krishna KALESH

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