Shri Krishna Kalesh

Mystic, Spiritual Guide, Dharma Teacher, And Personal Coach

Embarking on a spiritual odyssey over the last decade, I poured my heart and soul into crafting The Shankara Oracle, a profound divination system that brings together over 300 oracle cards, 18 sacred stones, a question die, a lavishly designed divination board and two enriching booklets. 

This journey was not merely about creation but about channeling a deeper wisdom that transcends the ordinary. I created Shankara to help myself and others shed restricting layers, deeply heal, and embrace the ancient teachings. 

My essence is that of a spiritual guide, a beacon of intense clarity, intuition, and perception – in a world that thirsts for such light. Rooted deeply in the teachings of my enlightened master, Amma, who was kind enough to give my name, I walk the path of The Dharma as best I can and am devoted to the path of illumination.

I have had the privilege of guiding thousands on their paths to healing and Self-discovery. Through personalized coaching, transformative readings, enriching courses, and soulful retreats, I strive to awaken the boundless creative genius and joy within each soul. The Shankara Oracle was born out of a vision to open a divine portal to the infinite wisdom of The Universe, guiding seekers to embody virtue, gain clarity, and master their destinies.

My days are filled with the creation of Mystical Vedic Readings, and coaching divinely inspired individuals from all walks of life. It brings me profound joy to offer Shankara sessions, helping others resonate and listen to their inner and divine masters.

Under my birth name, Paul Wagner, I have shared my teachings through as one of its primary mystical writers, sharing insights that bridge the ancient with the contemporary. Discover more about this journey and how it may touch your life at

For those drawn to the path of enlightenment and eager to explore the depths of their own spirit, I invite you to connect through written and live sessions. Let us embark on this sacred journey together, uncovering the mysteries of The Universe and unlocking the purest potential that resides within us all.

If you wish to learn more about my coaching, sessions, and written Mystical Vedic Readings, please visit HERE.

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Live from your pure Self. Remove complications from your life so that you can make clear decisions and operate from a peaceful state of mind and heart.

You are an infinite Being, far more expanded than you realize. Come to know your Self. Let’s divine deeply into your Soul so you may command a beautiful rebirth.

Shri Krishna KALESH

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