When You Eat Meat, You Ingest the Emotions of the Animal

Meat eaters may not consider the fact that when they put a piece of steak in their mouth, they are also ingesting the emotions of the animal from which it came. And that’s because humans tend to think of animals as dumb, subservient, and unfeeling creatures. But anyone who has ever owned a pet or met an animal in person knows that this isn’t true at all.

Animals possess complex thoughts, feelings, and desires. They have strong instincts, senses, habits, and preferences. We hold ourselves separate from animals on a mental level because we don’t want to admit that we have anything in common with them. But once you understand what being human actually means—and not just what society tells us it means —you see why eating meat is so disturbing and dangerous to our health, happiness, and spirituality.

Are Animals Conscious? YES!

Humans are a special type of animal with unique sets of instincts and senses, along with a unique way of communicating with each other. To be successful in life, we need to fully understand and be aware of what it means to be human. This includes embracing the fact that The Universe does not revolve around us and that animals are conscious. Humans are not the only species that can reason and become Self-aware. Your dog, cat, pig, and most other animals are conscious and, on some level, aware of themselves. To be fully human, we must have empathy for every living Being, including every animal on the planet. We must
respect their consciousness and levels of awareness.

The Problem With Eating Meat

What makes humans human is that we’re able to experience complex emotions such as love, grief, anger, and curiosity. We can communicate with each other with words, gestures, and feelings. We can create and appreciate art. We have the ability to feel compassion and empathy for others—to know what others are going through and how they feel. When we eat meat, we ignore what we know to be true about the animals we ingest. And we turn a blind eye to the fact that we are ingesting the emotions of the animals we kill.
Animals feel pain, sorrow, happiness, anger, and curiosity. They can communicate with each  other and us through gestures, sounds, and scents. They create and appreciate art. Animals also have the ability to feel empathy for others.

We Learn By Feeling Emotions

In order to learn and grow as individuals, we need to feel emotions. When we feel happy, we know how to make ourselves happy. When we feel sad, we know how to make ourselves feel better. When we feel angry, we know what we need to do to calm ourselves down. When we feel confused, we know how to find a solution that makes sense. Animals have similar awareness. In many cases, they are more attuned to life than we are.

When we eat animals, we block our love for them, and we unknowingly ingest their emotions. To add to the mix, we also create subtle guilt for ourselves – because we know that animals are Conscious Beings. Eating meat is like plugging our ears and closing our eyes so we can’t hear or see what’s happening to the animals. This is why we tend to overlook the fact that what we’re doing is really awful.

Animals Have Strong Instincts And Senses

Our human instincts let us know how to eat, sleep, love, and protect ourselves. Our instincts let us know how to behave. Our senses are how we interact with our surroundings. Our senses let us know how our food tastes, what our environment is like, what other people are like, what our emotions are like, and how we feel in general. When we kill an animal to eat it, we block all of our instincts and senses to justify our actions, hunger, and desires.

We Dishonor Our Animal Nature When We Eat Meat

Eating meat is an act of selfishness, an act of aggression toward our own animal nature. The consumption of animal flesh is pure denial of our emotions and instincts. When we kill animals to eat their meat, we essentially offend and disrespect humanity, denying our emotions and instincts.

Bottom Line

When we eat meat, we ingest the feelings of the animals we kill, and we betray ourselves.
We deny our real feelings and relinquish the opportunity to love all living Beings. We can
avoid this by eating plant-based foods, which are becoming more and more diverse and

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