Shankara Altar Cloth: Luxurious Sacred Shroud

A Lovely, Sacred Addition To Your Space!


The Shankara Altar cloth is a wonderful addition to any spiritual space. It’s soft and beautiful – the perfect add-on for your most sacred experiences.

30 x 30 inches square, this divine offering is perfect for covering your Shankara board or used as a neckerchief. It’s lovely to hold and beautiful to look at. Made of pure cotton with beautiful hues of burgundy, purple, gold, and white.

Amma’s Mantra is on the cloth: May All The Beings, Throughout All The Worlds, Be Happy. Om Lokaha Sumastaha Sukhino Bhavantu. You can learn more about Amma at

The Golden Buddha is at the top of the circle. An Archangel in the bottom right. Sunya or The Sun in the bottom left. In the center is the illuminated Shankara logo, a uniquely illustrated flower representing all the dimensions of The Universe.

This lovely cloth looks wonderful as part of your Shankara Oracle experience!

Ships in Sept 2023



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