Sandalwood Mala: Sacred Meditation Necklace

Connect With The Divine!


The moment you open the package, you’ll smell the divine aroma of Sandalwood, the scent of the saints. This lovely mala is made of rounded, polished Sandalwood, strung with an elastic cord, and complete with the Guru tassel in vibrant red.

This lovely mala can be used for meditation or as sacred jewelry to have around your neck, with the Guru tassel resting gently beneath the center of your chest.

With 108 beads, you can chant The Divine Mother’s sacred names or choose a mantra that illuminates your soul. The Shankara Sandalwood Mala is a lovely gift and a wonderful addition to your daily practice.

Combined with The Profound Shankara Oracle System, this mala will give you a lovely, peaceful feeling simply by holding it in the palms of your hands.


Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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